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Like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Easter is one of those holidays that’s defined by its signature foods. So, we wanted to know: “What's on the menu at your house for Easter dinner?”


“Ham, deviled eggs and potato casserole!” — Glenda Brown

“Boiled crayfish, corn, sausage and potatoes. I miss Kokomo but love living in Louisiana...” — Raymond Sherrill

“Ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and rolls.” — Kimberly Anne Lane


“Beer.” — Jamie Michael

“Whiskey.” — Bryan Dunbar

“Going to the beach and having Rum Runners.” — Edna Worthy


“Groundhog stew! LOL.” — Teresa Thompson Morgan

“Just chocolate.” — Amanda Kay

“That rabbit.” — Jason Grammer

Our answers

“Rabbit. Or maybe duck. It depends on what the comically oversized hunting season announcement sign that’s nailed on the forest tree says. Needless to say, please be very, very quiet.” — Steve Mullen

“I'm headed to my uncle's in Ohio for Easter dinner, but my mom is making most of the food - she told me I'm to be treated to sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, dirt pudding and banana pudding. With any luck, one of my aunts will be making her fantastic ‘refrigerator rolls’ too. When I say it's all worth the 5-hour drive, I'm being totally serious.” — Sarah Einselen

“My wife, Ash, happens to be a great cook. So, as always, the meal is going be off the chain. This year we’ve got smoked ham, potato salad, asparagus and cake on the menu. We may even put Cadbury Creme Eggs inside the crescent rolls and eat them that way. Things could get crazy.” — Rob Burgess

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