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With only ten (!) days left until Christmas, the window to purchase last-minute gifts is closing rapidly. But who remembers to buy presents for Santa? So, we wanted to know: “When you were a kid, did you leave anything out for Santa and/or his reindeer on Christmas Eve? Do your children do the same? If so, what did you leave and did Santa respond? If not, why not?”

Your answers

“Oh yes! Santa got warm milk and homemade Snickerdoodle cookies, and the reindeer got some carrots. I would leave a letter and the Big Man always left a note at the end of my letter. (Funny, it looked like he wrote with his non-dominant hand!)” — Lisa Hoover Schell

“We did milk, cookies and a letter to Santa and he always left a thank you and gifts. LOL. With my kids we do cookies and milk. Santa always leaves a note of thanks. We put a mixture of oats and glitter (so reindeer can see the oats) out in the snow. (I then use the end of the empty cardboard tube from wrapping paper to make deer tracks in the snow by bending the tube on end slightly and it really looks like hoof prints. SHHHH.) LOL.” — April Duncan

“My brother and I always left cookies and Diet Coke out. My parents always told us that Santa was on a diet so he couldn't drink regular Coke. Haha! We also left Santa a letter and he'd keep our letters and would leave us a letter for the both of us! I love Christmas and I'm a firm believer in Santa. … I love that I get to continue experiencing the magic with my 4-year-old son and my son due in February. Merry Christmas, everyone!” — Amber Kay

“Whiskey and lottery tickets. Just wanted Santa to have a good visit at my house.” — Jay Schlafman

Our answers

“My sister and I always left cookies and milk out for Santa. The one year we neglected our duties, Santa visited our house and left behind Burger King wrappers in the trash. Coincidentally, Santa stuffed our stockings with limited edition toys from the BK that same year.” — Martin Slagter

“When I was a kid we left milk and chocolate cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph and peanuts for the rest. My kids leave Santa milk and cookies and peanuts and glitter for the reindeer. The glitter is so the reindeer and find the house. Santa always eats the cookie and drinks all the milk and the reindeer food is always gone.” — Terry Grinslade

“Our tradition is to leave sugar cookies with colored sprinkles and milk for Santa and a carrot for the raindeer. My children have followed the same tradition.” — Nancy Barth

“Oh, this was one of our traditions at my house. Cookies and milk for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer. He’d always leave us a letter, and I’d sometimes hear some suspicious crunching about 10 minutes after my brother and I went to bed. Our son is only 5 months old now, so we’ll see what traditions we start in our family next year, maybe.” — Rob Burgess

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