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While Gov. Mike Pence ponders whether to pursue a presidential run or re-election to his current post, several names have been thrown around as candidates for his current job. So, we wanted to know: "Of all the eligible candidates, who would you pick to run for Indiana governor in 2016? Why?"

Your answers

“John Gregg. He was close last time. I think Indiana voters have buyer's remorse over Pence.” — Merle Tosche

“Glenda Ritz.” — Scott Shimer

“Gregg.” — Jamie Kilcline

Our answers

“Knope 2016!” — Steve Mullen

“Honestly, I hadn't really thought about it much. I guess if the whole running for president thing doesn't work out for Pence, I would pick him. Overall, I think he's done a pretty good job, and I don't see any major reason we would want to replace him.” — Kaylee Harden

“Glenda Ritz seems like the obvious answer for a couple of reasons: She is the only Democrat holding statewide office at the moment. She garnered more votes than even Gov. Mike Pence did during the last election. But most of all, the concerted Republican effort to oppose her at every turn may well backfire. I feel like the harder they push her back, the more political capital she’s gaining. It seems like this could blow up in their faces if she decides to run.” — Rob Burgess

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