365 Balance

FILE PHOTO: Cristi Brewer-Allen was the owner of 365 Balance, located at 501 N. Buckeye St. Brewer-Allen is pictured here on the facility’s former second floor, which housed a dance studio. The first floor, a child care center, was the target of a state investigation into the facility’s lack of licensing or registration. Tim Bath | Kokomo Tribune

The former Kokomo School Board president will be stepping down at the end of March.

Chrsti Brewer-Allen announced Monday at a Kokomo School Corporation Board of Trustees meeting her intention to resign. Her resignation is effective March 31.

Brewer-Allen said she is resigning so she can better focus on helping those in the community who are in need.

“…I am resigning from the school board, and I do this because I’ve seen things in the last year that disgust me in our city and I can’t do things for those people sitting right here,” she said. “Just like when I ran to be on this board, I ran for people in poverty, moms who people would tell them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but they weren’t wearing boots.

“...I wore rose colored glasses for a long time because I didn’t see these people, and now that I know them, I know their name, their faces, their stories – I have to speak up for them and I can’t do that sitting here, I just can’t...I don’t leave because I dislike anyone or I don’t want to be a part of this. I leave so that I can better my community and there are some things happening here that need changed and that’s what I plan on doing.”

Brewer-Allen is the founder of The Church of Goodness, a non-sectarian church, which most prominently offers services to the homeless and others in need, such as haircuts, showers, food and more.

The board will now advertise the upcoming vacancy, conduct interviews and appoint a new board member to serve the remainder of Brewer-Allen’s term.

Kokomo School Corporation Director of Communications Dave Barnes said it’s likely those interviews will begin in February and that the board could appoint a new member by April 1.

Also at Monday’s meeting, the board picked new officers, which is customary at the year’s first meeting. Karen Sosbe was elected president, Crystal Sanburn was elected vice president and Lisa Hemmenger was elected secretary.

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