PERU — Deputies with the Miami County Sheriff’s Department currently are investigating how an urn with human remains found inside was left in a Peru storage unit.

The unit is located at Stow-Away Mini Storage, 1162 W. Main St., and it was recently sold, sight unseen, during a public auction, MCSD Deputy Linda Sutton stated.

As the new owners were sifting through the storage unit’s contents, they came across an unidentified ceramic urn and immediately called police, Sutton noted. Police then turned the urn over to the Miami County Coroner’s office.

Because of other content located within the storage unit — such as mail — Sutton said police are close to identifying the cremated remains as a 30-year-old Miami County woman who likely passed away around six years ago, and Sutton also noted she believes the woman died of natural causes.

Upon further investigation, Sutton said it appears that the remains were left with a family friend's mother, and the urn was forgotten about once the storage unit was repossessed. 

Once confirmation has been made and next of kin notified, Sutton said the family can claim the remains at the funeral home where they are currently being kept. Sutton did not publicly release the name of that funeral home. 

And while discovering unique contents inside storage units might not actually be that unusual, Sutton said it’s a first for her.

“This is the first time in 23 years of law enforcement that I have ever had a call like this,” she said via email. “It might happen more in larger cities, but not here in Peru, Indiana.”

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