I will be teaching “Introduction to the New Testament” (REL-R243) at Indiana University-Kokomo this fall during the second eight weeks of the term. This is a three credit hour course that will be 6 to 8:30 p.m. Mondays in room 202 in KO building.

Q: Is there a single most important thing parents should be teaching during their children’s preschool years?

We were all ready to go Friday morning when the taxi driver pulled in the driveway. At last, we were ready to take the short drive to where my sister Mary Grace was planning to get married. If you’re a mother, you know the efforts and satisfaction of getting everyone ready for an event as su…


  THE ISSUEThe importance of parental involvement in the education of children.OUR VIEWStudies dating back as far as 1980 suggest children of parents who volunteer at school, check homework and talk to teachers score higher on standardized tests or earn better grades than their peers.  For s…

One of the many wonderful things about the people in Kokomo is their generosity, particularly from church-goers throughout the community.

As state Sen. Jim Buck said, the City of Firsts started with Elwood Haynes, who test-drove his gas-powered "Pioneer" on the Fourth of July 125 years ago.


Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer sends this Jeer for “out-of-touch, radical” Democratic presidential candidates:

Michael and Sharon O’Hair of Kokomo, co-presidents of the Ballroom Dance Club of Kokomo, send this Cheer for Tribune photographer Kelly Lafferty Gerber and our summer intern from Indiana University Bloomington, Lilly St. Angelo:

Cheers and Jeers

Bret Schreckinghaust of Russiaville sends this Jeer for those who blame guns after every school shooting:

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