Q: Your recent series on punishment was thought-provoking. I agree children should have consequences when they misbehave. Nonetheless, would you please clarify when punishment becomes excessive? What is the line between reasonable and too much? When I was young, I was spanked with a belt on …

Republicans have such a strong grip on Indiana – holding the Governor’s office and super majorities in both legislative chambers – that it is difficult to see beyond the fact. It sometimes feels as though it must have always been so and always will be so.


The National Weather Service forecasts snow and rain through Saturday, with temperatures above 30 degrees Fahrenheit – a far cry from last weekend’s minus-13 degree wind chill.

If you have enrolled in Howard County’s Citizen Alert System and receive weather warnings directly from the National Weather Service, you can expect a couple of text messages March 18.

Monday is the 25th anniversary of the first Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. So we have to ask: What would the nation’s best-known martyr for civil rights think of 2020 America?


The Kokomo Tribune was given a "tip" that led the newspaper to publish unflattering remarks Councilman Greg Jones had expressed about certain members of society back in 2015.

Early last week our entire community saw the hideous comments made by Republican District 4 City Councillor Greg Jones when his personal, privacy settings-protected Facebook posts from 2015 made their way to local media outlets. Jones had represented District 4 for 13 days.

State Sen. Jim Buck has proposed to the Senate Elections Committee removing the primary election for those seeking office in the U.S. Senate. SB 75 would remove citizens from the voting process in direct violation of the 17th Amendment.

Cheers and Jeers

Bret Schreckinghaust of Russiaville sends this Jeer for those who blame guns after every school shooting:

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