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If you have enrolled in Howard County’s Citizen Alert System and receive weather warnings directly from the National Weather Service, you can expect a couple of text messages March 18.

Indiana is known to spare little effort to accommodate businesses in hopes of creating and retaining jobs. The state frequently boasts about its attractive business climate and touts its low unemployment rate.

Indiana spends $8.7 billion a year on K-12 schools and claims to be a pioneer in education reform. Yet thousands of its high school students are graduating without the basic math, reading and writing skills needed to succeed in college.


Michael Bloomberg has mentioned Hillary Clinton as a possible running mate in 2020. The Clintons are masters of fallacy, and living under the radar of morality, law and the Constitution.

President Trump got his opportunity to take care of Iran's Qasem Soleimani, dealing a blow to Iranian terror, and any ongoing attempts to discredit him because of not briefing Congress are a disservice to our military and elevating Soleimani.

Cheers and Jeers

Bret Schreckinghaust of Russiaville sends this Jeer for those who blame guns after every school shooting:

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