Kokomo courteousness shocks funeral-goer

Myerl O. Baker of Lincoln Park, Mich., sends this Cheer to Kokomo’s courteous drivers:

“I would like to say, being 73 years old, I have never seen so much courtesy as was shown by drivers on Monday, Feb. 13. The drivers are to be commended.

“We left Ellers Mortuary on Main Street and went south on Washington, east on Lincoln, and south on Albright Road to Albright Cemetery. Never, I say never one time, did we see any cars try to cut the funeral procession or try to pass on the right side of it. Even the cars coming towards us — every one pulled over and stopped until we were past them.

“Again, I would like to say thank you to all the drivers of your city.”

Basketball outstanding; referees, not so much

Wayne Pflugmacher of Kokomo sends a Jeer to the officiating crew that supervised the Kokomo-South Bend Washington girls basketball semistate:

“Last Saturday’s semi-final girls basketball game in Plymouth between Kokomo and South Bend Washington was unbelievable. The girls from both teams were outstanding. Unfortunately, the refereeing was not. It was the kind of game where it was a shame you had to have a loser.

“Sunday’s Kokomo Tribune identified a strange 10-second call in the game. The reason it was strange is that only 7 seconds had come off of the clock; the ball was turned over to South Bend. This call somewhat typified the caliber of the officiating crew – who, by the way, were supposed to be the ‘cream of the crop.’

“I know a number of high school basketball officials who are very good. What a shame for all that they weren’t working in Plymouth last Saturday.

“The fourth official at the scorer’s table, not to be outdone by his peers on the floor, waits until 11 seconds are left in the game to call a one-point deviation in the game score to the head official. As probably most people in our area now know, when the correction was made to the score, Kokomo was behind by one point. The rest is history.”

‘Polar Bear’ encourages participation

Kokomo’s Bruce LeClerc sends a Cheer to community for supporting the Polar Bear Plunge – and a challenge to get involved in Special Olympics:

“I want to thank everyone who gave to the Polar Bear Plunge. This was my first time participating in this event, and I hope I’ll be able to plunge again in the future.

“I challenge everyone to participate next year, whether as a plunger, a donator, a sponsor or by volunteering at a Special Olympics event. These special children and young adults can teach us a lot, especially about love.

“Because they require special care, it causes us to look outside ourselves and tend to someone else’s needs. What a great love this is that causes one to sacrifice self for the good of another.

“Once again, thank you to all who gave, and a special thanks to Jeff Mullens for talking me into plunging and all those who helped raise more than $7,000.”

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