‘Unusually high quality of service’

Gail Trammell of Greentown sends this Cheer to Ryan Schroll at Discount Tire Co. for, well, keeping his vow:

“I would like to praise Ryan Schroll and the employees at Discount Tire Co. on East Boulevard Street in Kokomo.

“Recently, I exited a local business after 6 p.m. on a Saturday evening. I observed that the pressure in my left front tire was very low. I drove to their business fully expecting them to be closed. The sign on the door stated closing time as 5 p.m. on Saturdays. I noticed a few customers seated in their lobby. They would have been perfectly within their rights to deny me service. Instead, Mr. Schroll had my tire checked and found that there was a screw in it. They repaired the tire at no cost to me. He shared that he had once been denied service when he desperately needed it because it was close to the end of the posted hours for the business. He shared that he vowed to never treat any customer the way he had been treated.

“This is definitely an unusually high quality of service in this day and age when it is challenging to find any type of service. I am highly impressed with this level of service and recommend this business to everyone!”

The consequence of choice

Ondis Brantley of Russiaville sends this Jeer to Sen. and former President Clinton:

“Hillary Clinton, the queen of the sly foxes, met with the United Auto Workers from Delphi Corp. to ‘share their pain’ and to highlight the reasons why the UAW needs her in 2008, and why another Clinton White House would bring back the good times of the 1990s.

“However, in reality, it was her husband, President Bill Clinton, who stacked the global deck that has compromised America’s ability to compete in the global manufacturing market. Bill Clinton’s strategy of holding down inflation by flooding America with cheap goods, included NAFTA, GATT, protection of the dollar, the biggest tax hike in American history, and granting ‘most favored nation’ trading status to China.

“While UAW members lose their jobs, wages and health care, Bill Clinton is picking up mega-bucks by lobbying on behalf of foreign governments and collecting large fees for the speeches he gives all over Asia.

“Our borders, trade deficit and national debt are all out of control. America’s trade deficit was more than $700 billion in 2005 and the national debt is short of $9 trillion. Foreign money is buying up U.S. treasury notes and infrastructure at a record pace. China and Japan currently own one-third of America’s national debt. While the unions struggle for solidarity, Capitol Hill is engaged in a political civil war. Congress has become a diversified clubhouse for special interest groups, playing high-stakes poker with America’s future.”

Kids should learn self-defense

Jane Everman-Mitchell of Kokomo sends this Cheer to St. Joseph Hospital and the Kokomo Academy of Martial Arts for their recent self-defense class:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank St. Joseph Hospital for sponsoring the self-defense training seminar for women that was held March 11 at the Education Center.

“Additionally, I would like to thank the instructors from Kokomo Academy of Martial Arts for our ‘hands-on’ training. We were provided with a considerable amount of information and learned how to protect ourselves in various situations. The time spent (about 4.5 hours) was well worth it!

“It is my understanding that St. Joe will host a session for children in the near future, and I would encourage you to take your children ... it could save a life.

“By the way, it’s totally free and included lunch.”

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