Jeer: Lack of sensible gun control

Ed Smith, president of Hoosiers Concerned About Gun Violence, sends this Jeer to the Indiana Republican-controlled Legislature:

Our Republican majority legislature should shift its focus from increasing the availability of guns in public places to sensible gun regulation such as the three bills in committee that would require background checks on all gun sales in Indiana.

Universal background checks was a major issue of the Student March For Our Lives last year as 6,000 students and those supporting them were forced into the Statehouse atrium due to the miserable snow conditions. The students were there following the Parkland school shooting to say “Never Again.”

Committee hearings were not granted on the background check bills. The chairs of the Senate Judiciary and House Public Policy Committees have turned their backs on Indiana’s students.

To protest, the students have organized a March For Our Lives 2019 event at noon today on the west side of the Statehouse. Be there to support our students.

Cheer: Thanks to all who helped with science fair

Emily Bargerhuff sent in this Cheer to the event volunteers:

The committee for the Howard County Science Fair (HCSF) sends a loud cheer for all those who volunteered their time and made generous donations for the 54th HCSF held at IUK on Feb 9. 

Thanks to the committee from IUK and Haynes International, Inc., the fair ran very smoothly and was well attended by students presenting their creative displays. 

The judges saw young minds which had formed hypothesis, experimented to prove or disprove their ideas using the scientific method, and developed verbal skills as they explained their research to the judges. 

Also, a big thanks to the teachers, parents, and mentors who helped the students learn and develop their cognitive thinking skills. 

The top 10 students from the Junior Division [grades4-8] and Senior Division (high school students) won medallions and cash totaling $2,875. 

Several of the Howard County participants advanced from the Regional Science Fair to the State and the International Science Fairs.  

The prizes were made possible by the following donors:  Haynes International, Inc., Bucheri Mccarty & Metz LLP, Community Health Network, Inc., Crume/Ellis Auctioneers,  Kokomo Grain Co., Inc., Newlon Metals, Inc., Stan And Jody Ortman Family, The Wyman Group, Inc., and Marcia and Bob Gillette.

Cheer: Thanks to the Rev. Steve Cole

Rev. Ruth Lawson, of CAM Inc., sent this Cheer to acknowledge all of the great work Cole did throughout the community.

On Feb. 22, the Western High School gymnasium was packed with people whose lives had been touched by Rev. Steve Cole. What a statement about the influence of one man.  

He had given his life for others, in the name of Christ – whether he was a family member, a teacher, a pastor, a friend, a church member, a worker with Stout Funeral Homes – Steve touched lives for the better.

At CAM, Inc. there are times that people need money for co-pays on medicine; or a tire that needs repair so the person can get back and forth to work; or a family needing a night in the motel. These are not issues that happen neatly in the daytime, but usually late Fridays or on weekends or holidays. This is when we called Steve Cole.

Kathy Esslinger, CAM executive supervisor, says, “The thing about Steve was, whenever we needed to call him for help, he made you believe this was the best call he had received all day.  

“Well, of course, we can help,” spoken in Steve’s manner of speech, to let you know that everything is right with the world. We could go home, knowing the crisis is past and that care, in Jesus’ name, had been given.

It’s hard to call and ask people for money, but Steve always assured us, with his responses, we were doing the right thing.

He enjoyed hearing the stories of the people and knew we had checked to make sure the need was real and unable to be met by any other means.

The Cheerful Giver, 2 Corinthians 9:7 speaks of Steve Cole.  Thank you, Lord, for the love and influence of such a joyful, jovial, and positive Child of God.


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