Pete Kuntz of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, sends this Cheer for clean, renewable energy:

“Perhaps, instead of thinking of wind energy ‘destroying the beauty of America,’ the writer of ‘Stand up against wind companies’ (Jan. 31) could think of wind and solar energy as the means to save America and the rest of the world.

“The National Academy of Sciences and every scientific agency of national or international standing has warned that if global warming continues to proceed faster than the transition to clean energy, we’ll face ‘catastrophic’ climate change which will result in ‘global economic collapse’ followed by ‘societal collapse’ in the latter half of this century.

“If you’d like to watch a projection of how things would play out if we keep burning fossil fuels as we are now, you can watch a National Geographic video on YouTube, which is based on the best peer-reviewed climate science available. It’s called ‘Six Degrees Could Change the World.’

“Fortunately, we can prevent this and create a massive economic boom at the same time.

“We can tax fossil fuels out of existence and give all that tax money to the taxpayers, increasing our GDP more than $75 billion annually and creating more than 5 million good-paying, local, permanent (40-year) jobs, over 162,000 of them in Indiana (Google Stanford University’s ‘Solutions Project 50 states.’ This policy has worked as promised in British Columbia for nearly a decade, lowering taxes and energy bills and creating the fastest-growing economy in Canada and zero GHG emissions, according to the World Bank).

“It’s called ‘carbon fee-and-dividend’: All fossil fuel corporations pay an escalating carbon pollution fee with all of that money going directly to every taxpayer in equal monthly ‘dividend’ checks. People buy cheaper clean energy with that money and make a bigger profit every year, according to

“This policy can have a global impact, not only letting the U.S. provide as a model other nations can follow, it can have a global ‘domino effect’ by using market forces rather than toothless international agreements to make other nations cut their emissions as much and as fast as we do.

“Check out the volunteer Citizens Climate Lobby to see how we can help make this happen.”

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