Bret Schreckinghaust of Russiaville sends this Jeer for those who blame guns after every school shooting:

“Every time there’s a school shooting, some start yelling, ‘Take the guns, take the guns.’ I can’t understand why people blame the gun, which is no more than a tool, but if someone uses it in the wrong way then it can hurt someone. Wouldn’t it be better to blame the crazy person holding the gun instead of the gun itself?

“Few raise their children to respect the rights and lives of others. A switch or a belt made sure we stayed going in the right direction growing up. Now what if the unstable person decided to wait till the students got out of school and drove his vehicle through a crowded sidewalk killing many more, then would you be yelling to ban the car?

“Yes, this is bad, but isn’t it worse to murder a million babies every year by abortion, to lose 80,000 to drugs, thousands to drunken drivers? And now put these numbers in perspective.

“There are very few killed in mass shootings. I and many other elderly people in this country have to be able to protect ourselves, and my guns are a better choice than a baseball bat.

“The only solution is what most do not want to hear: When we made public places gun-free zones, we did nothing but ask for trouble. Armed teachers, janitors, principals and anyone who can be trusted is going to be the only way it will ever stop.”

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