Ever since Republican Susan Brooks announced she would not be seeking re-election in the 5th Congressional District, she has been adamant in not backing any of the contenders in the primary election.

It is worth noting, in the thick of our great national quarantine, that we have gone in a heartbeat from an ordinary civil society to a step short of martial law.

Adding an adult child to your house deed, or giving them the home outright, might seem like a smart thing to do. It usually isn’t.

The most profound effect of climate change that is already evident in Indiana is the increase in total precipitation and extreme precipitation events.

Editor’s Note: Gloria’s husband Daniel wrote the column this week and it’s a rarity, no food recipe, but it just seemed appropriate. Gloria will return next week.

No individual human life is possessed of infinite value. At least, none of us actually behave as if it does. No matter how fully each of us wish to live, we inevitably take risks. We ride in automobiles, eat food prepared by unknown hands, trust in medicines and home appliances tested by sci…

I always remember the line, “Nobody knows the future except for God, and he’s usually not telling.” This is certainly true with our current state of affairs. Although we cannot know, we can ponder.

Bishop James R. Oneal and I often discuss theology and he asked me, “Pastor Mike, what do you think of these days and times?”

As Mary Ellen and I sit watching the televised news, we are constantly reminded that we are considered “elderly” and therefore at increased risk of the coronavirus. As a result, medical experts are suggesting that we stay at home (together) unless it is absolutely necessary that we go out.

I didn’t think that Bernie Sanders would emerge as Joe Biden’s chief rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. Yet he outlasted every realistic Democrat except Biden. So, what’s next? Biden will probably be chosen, but can he be elected?

If you are of a certain age, you may remember The Carpenters’ pop hit, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” or an earlier, even livelier version recorded by Neil Sedaka. As a teen, I thought the dissonance between the cheery, up-tempo tune and the serious lyrics was extremely odd, and I still agree …

Hoosiers are facing their greatest physical and economic threat since the Great Depression, and on the most crucial aspect of this crisis – the availability of coronavirus testing that would allow health and policy executives to learn of the extent of the spread and contact those in a cluste…

Life in Kokomo is different than it has ever been. I am in my 60s and have never experienced anything like the current quarantine. Folks in their 90s say the same thing.

This is the third column I’ve written this week. The first two were overcome by fast-changing events. So, I will surrender to the deadline and pen a few words about how to think about COVID-19 over the longer term. This should help us formulate and accept the challenges of the coming months.

Cable TV services come with a variety of options, and many of the features are beneficial to people who are challenged in one way or another. There is closed captioning for folks who are hearing impaired. It’s also great for men who have perfectly good hearing but are married to women who li…

The coronavirus is a world tragedy. Millions will get sick and too many will die. All of us will worry about family and friends. All of us will miss important events in our lives.

Last week I introduced you to an organization called Renewal Neighborhood Ministry, a collaborative effort of two east side Indianapolis churches, Outlook Christian Church and Crossroads Bible Church. 

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