The National Weather Service forecasts snow and rain through Saturday, with temperatures above 30 degrees Fahrenheit – a far cry from last weekend’s minus-13 degree wind chill.

Yes, it’s probably safe to say it’s pothole season. Yes, we hate that seesawing temperatures leave us even more on the defense — paying attention to the shape of the road as much as what’s happening on top of it. And yes, we know, potholes are something everyone likes to complain about.

But we must say, the city, Howard County and even the Indiana Department of Transportation have been incredibly responsive the last few years as the craters opened across the region.

Just this week we saw city crews patching holes on Apperson Way, between Taylor and Sycamore streets.

February 2015 was the fifth coldest on record in Indiana. And the following month, we noticed a big, gaping hole had opened up in the eastbound lane of Sycamore, right below the train bridge. Drivers spent just a day dodging the rim-bender before City of Kokomo crews had stuffed some cold patch into it.

Our local governments’ road departments can’t be everywhere all the time. It’s helpful when people report the location of potholes so they can be fixed. But with each entity having responsibility for different stretches of road, it’s important to notify the right agency.

INDOT is responsible for maintaining Indiana 931 and U.S. 31 inside the city of Kokomo, as well as Indiana 26 and portions of Indiana 22 east of U.S. 31. In 2014, the city took over the majority of Indiana 22’s route through Kokomo, which includes part of Markland Avenue and Washington Street.

You can report a pothole to INDOT by calling 888-463-6848, emailing or heading to INDOT asks you include the county, state road number, mile marker or nearest cross road and direction of travel and lane where the pothole is located.

In the city, call 765-453-4030 or tweet the location to the city using the handle, @CityofKokomo. In Howard County, you can report a pothole to the highway department at 765-456-2802 or by emailing

This winter and spring, let’s endeavor to tell the street departments about the potholes we encounter before we start complaining they aren’t getting fixed.

Kokomo Tribune editorial board

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