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Starting with my Aug. 12, 2015 column, “Enter the GOP clown car,” 64 of my last 114 weekly columns have mentioned Donald Trump. Since then, basically every other one has circled back to the same subject. In that first column I mentioned, I was chronicling the Aug. 6, 2015 initial Republican …


Swimming can be a great way to cool off on a hot day, but tragedy can strike in an instant. Let's all be careful near the water.

On May 2, in very dramatic fashion, a joint local and federal operation that included 130 law enforcement officers, conducted the biggest drug bust in Howard County history.



Silence falls across the cavernous hall. Where over a hundred antique cars of all shapes and sizes once resided, only the occasional oil stain remains as a reminder of days gone by. The chatter of 60,000 visitors from all 50 states and over 20 countries is muted, replaced by muffled footfall…

The opioid crisis continues to ravage many of our communities each day and we are missing an opportunity to better treat those struggling with addiction. In many cases, substance use and mental health issues are intertwined. It’s estimated 7.9 million people had both a mental health and subs…

The Kokomo Tribune editorial stated, “no law enforcement official or officer made that claim” — this was in regards to local law officials claiming they had stopped the flow of drugs into our community.

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