Starting with my Aug. 12, 2015 column, “Enter the GOP clown car,” 64 of my last 114 weekly columns have mentioned Donald Trump. Since then, basically every other one has circled back to the same subject. In that first column I mentioned, I was chronicling the Aug. 6, 2015 initial Republican …


It’s no secret Howard County takes pride in its veterans. According to the Census Bureau, between 2014 and 2018, 6,123 veterans called Howard County home. During the same time period, 390,220 veterans lived in the Hoosier State.

Today is the last day to apply for absentee ballot

Voting absentee by mail is the safest way to cast a ballot in the upcoming Indiana primary on June 2.

If this pandemic has proven anything, it’s that homelessness is not just someone else’s problem. When a viral pandemic sweeps through the world, we are all vulnerable.


There is a place for both gratefulness and grief. We have found ourselves in a season where looking for bits of goodness — a patch of sunlight, a familiar voice on the phone, a roof over our heads — can be a valuable tool to help us refocus on the big picture. Yet, simultaneously, we humans …

One of my favorite 1950s vintage science-fiction movies is “Forbidden Planet.” Some movie critics considered it the very best outerspace Sci-fi movie until “Star Wars” came along. Its plot captivated the imagination; it has a cult-following to this day.

If the media buzz is true, the Trump administration will use the solemn occasion of Memorial Day weekend to further expand the disastrous trade war with China. This time, the president will use the global pandemic as an excuse to restrict imports of medicine and medical devices.

The other day, a friend approached me (stopping at 6 feet away, of course) and during our conversation he asked which was my favorite column out of nearly 1,000 I’ve written. Well, this is like asking King Solomon who his favorite wife was. The king and I both could name a few we didn’t like…


Kent Blacklidge, Ph.D., of Kokomo sends this Jeer to Purdue University for continuing to accept students from China:

This year, Indiana’s sixth annual Run For The Fallen did not let COVID-19 get the best of it. In the past, this tribute has always been a 140-mile run from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis, via Portland, over a three-day period in early May with 20 runners.

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