Starting with my Aug. 12, 2015 column, “Enter the GOP clown car,” 64 of my last 114 weekly columns have mentioned Donald Trump. Since then, basically every other one has circled back to the same subject. In that first column I mentioned, I was chronicling the Aug. 6, 2015 initial Republican …


Congress returned to Capitol Hill this week after a long summer recess. Members immediately were confronted by the simmering issue of gun violence, brought to a boil again during their break by horrible mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

Central Indiana farmers harvested 1.04 million acres of corn and 1.24 million acres of soybeans in 2018, the National Agricultural Statistics Service reports.

Attention, motorists: Indiana’s big game animals mate and migrate between October and December. Deer-related traffic accidents will become more frequent next month.


Last week we talked about our fishing trip for Daniel’s birthday, this week we’ll talk about his birthday dinner. In our house, whoever has a birthday picks dinner and Daniel chose our all-time summer favorites, chalupas. It’s like going out in the garden, combing it and coming to the house …

Economic growth, not recession, is the norm. For every one quarter the U.S. has spent in recession since the end of World War II, we’ve spent eight quarters growing. Of the 75 quarters in this century, just 10 have been recessionary. I’m counting our current quarter as growth, which may prov…


Retired Col. Bill Smyser of Kokomo sends this Jeer for those who confront with anger others with whom they disagree:

2019 Parade of Homes

The 52nd annual Parade of Homes for Howard County will take place Sunday, Sept. 15, and continue on Sunday, Sept. 22, from 1 to 5 p.m. each day. Additional info can be obtained at

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