Starting with my Aug. 12, 2015 column, “Enter the GOP clown car,” 64 of my last 114 weekly columns have mentioned Donald Trump. Since then, basically every other one has circled back to the same subject. In that first column I mentioned, I was chronicling the Aug. 6, 2015 initial Republican …


Indiana lawmakers are being asked again this year to change the law to make it easier for voters to cast their ballots on Election Day.

The National Weather Service forecasts snow and rain through Saturday, with temperatures above 30 degrees Fahrenheit – a far cry from last weekend’s minus-13 degree wind chill.

If you have enrolled in Howard County’s Citizen Alert System and receive weather warnings directly from the National Weather Service, you can expect a couple of text messages March 18.


There hasn’t been anything like this since the New Deal — a policy position so popular, so appealing in every way, and so utterly untenable. It is targeted economic development or eco-devo, a collection of schemes that would make FDR blush.

Q: Your recent series on punishment was thought-provoking. I agree children should have consequences when they misbehave. Nonetheless, would you please clarify when punishment becomes excessive? What is the line between reasonable and too much? When I was young, I was spanked with a belt on …


Dara Johnson, chairwoman of the Howard County Democratic Party, sends this Jeer for Kokomo Sen. Jim Buck's U.S. Senate nomination proposal:

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