Oppose predatory

lending expansion

For the past three years, the Indiana Senate has rejected bills by payday lenders to offer longer-term products with up to 200 percent APR.

This year, in SB 613, which is now pending for vote before the Indiana Senate, an association of primarily out-of-state lenders is asking again to pass this usurious payday expansion.

But worse, lenders are now including two additional ways in which consumers will be deluged with offers to borrow at outrageous rates they cannot afford, far over Indiana's current felony loan sharking cap of 72 percent. This includes a new additional small loan product up to $4,000, at rates up to 200 percent APR, and greatly increased fees and interest for existing subprime installment lenders.

These products will encourage over-stretched Hoosiers to take on more unaffordable debt, and would likely cause more evictions, foreclosures, loss of cars, bankruptcies, and increased mental health challenges.

One in three Hoosiers already has a debt in collections. Hoosier consumer debt per capita is at an all-time high. Consumer debt across the country has reached a new peak of 4 trillion dollars. The number of auto loans more than 90 days in arrears is higher than ever before. Now is not the time to plunge more Hoosiers into debt and default.

We oppose SB 613, and we urge all concerned Indiana residents to call their senators asking them to reject this massive expansion of predatory lending in our state.

James L. Bauerle, The Military/Veterans Coalition of Indiana

Glenn Tebbe, Indiana Catholic Conference

Jessica Fraser, Indiana Institute for Working Families

Jessica Love, Prosperity Indiana

No exceptions

in abortion law

It has been said to me ad nauseam that I'm preaching to the choir (I wish that was true), and not offering a viable solution to end abortion, that could not be further from the truth.

So, here we go. Let's try this again.

The solution: Obey God, not man.

Our main focus should be bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in direct conflict with this evil. Stop acknowledging Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. It is not. It was a wicked ruling, opinion, of the Supreme Court.

God has already given us the law of the land: "Thou shalt not murder."

Abortion is not a mere political issue; it is a moral issue. Stop believing the lies of pro-life Republicans and the pro-life community that tell us we can't use an all-or-nothing approach, because it will hurt their efforts. That is not true. If you really believe abortion is murder, that is the only way to approach it.

Stop supporting, stop voting for and oppose any bogus law and anyone who would propose such laws that try to regulate, have exceptions to and compromise God's law and demand protection of all innocent life.

Promote and support principled men and vote for them. When bills are adopted to abolish abortion, with no exceptions, support them.

Michael J. Amatuzzo


What's beneath ice

could be dangerous

Not to worry about the globe warning. "I got mine so I'm going to let future generations worry about it.”

That’s the same attitude I hear from conservatives about health care. "I got mine and who cares about those without. I don't want to wait so others can see a doctor.” And then they trot off to church.

According to Live Science, scientists have been studying secrets in the ice for over a hundred years and have uncovered live bacteria and viruses that could be released into the environment as the ice melts.

Long frozen carcasses contain bacteria and viruses, many of which are long dead like the host while some have survived in the permafrost. We have all heard about the wooly mammoth discovered by Russian scientists in 1999 with greens still in his mouth as if it was frozen instantly.

In 2016, a carcass of a reindeer infected with anthrax 75 years ago was discovered in a thawing lake. The anthrax was released into the environment and a 12-year-old boy died and dozens more were hospitalized. Additionally, 2,300 reindeer died.

The 1918 Spanish flu virus, which killed 20-40 million people, was found intact in the ice in Alaska. Scientists believe it is likely smallpox is also buried in the ice.

Secrets hidden for millions of years under the now melting glaciers are being released with the potential of causing illness across the globe. As new surprises emerge from the melting ice, humans will be more and more exposed to bacteria and viruses not seen for thousands of years, including those that caused global epidemics.

Larry Brooks


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