Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer sends this Jeer for “out-of-touch, radical” Democratic presidential candidates:

Michael and Sharon O’Hair of Kokomo, co-presidents of the Ballroom Dance Club of Kokomo, send this Cheer for Tribune photographer Kelly Lafferty Gerber and our summer intern from Indiana University Bloomington, Lilly St. Angelo:

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What’s in a name? Some interesting things, as it turns out — more than meets the eye — and the following people all had one particular thing in common.

I would like to see the U.S. Congress pass a new program into law that would replace the former “Aid To Families With Dependent Children” program, which was passed under FDR in 1935 and abolished in 1996.

Jared Noblitt, executive director of the Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy (ICAE), sends this Cheer for Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb:

Dave Smessaert, Scott York and Margaret Sklenar, owners of Metropolitan Title Co., send this Jeer for dirty politics:

A woman finds out she has conceived. She doesn’t want the new life, and she decides to use her Supreme Court-given, “constitutional right” to abort it. Someone performs the abortion, which brings the new life to an end.

On Friday, March 29, we will commemorate National Vietnam War Veterans Day to thank and honor our nation’s Vietnam veterans and their families for the service and sacrifice they gave to our country. We are particularly grateful for the service and sacrifice of our Hoosier Vietnam veterans. O…

No matter how gun laws are made and enforced, there will be no way to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. So why not start looking at punishment instead of treating them like they have rights?

When President Obama decided to unilaterally change immigration policy after Republicans took control of the Senate in 2014, Republicans said he was defying the Constitution, breaking the rule of law, and behaving like a king. They were right.

Today your Indiana Republican Party has never been stronger. We hold every statewide elected office, both U.S. Senate seats, seven U.S. House seats and supermajorities in the Indiana General Assembly.

Whatever one may think of the Mueller investigation, all Americans should agree it has gone too far to turn back. This investigation has spent nearly two years pursuing the truth, and everyone has the right to know all the facts behind Russian interference during the 2016 election.

Mike Riley, vice president of Health Care & Employment Law Policy for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, sends this Cheer for workplace safety:

Whatever one may think of the Mueller investigation, all Americans should agree it has gone too far to turn back. This investigation has spent nearly two years pursuing the truth, and everyone has the right to know all the facts behind Russian interference during the 2016 election.

Girl Scouts in central Indiana are currently selling Girl Scout Cookies as part of the largest entrepreneurship program for girls in the country. Girls are learning to run their own business, with an innovative twist.

Dave Broman, executive director of the Howard County Historical Society, sends this Cheer for those who decorated and visited the Seiberling Mansion over the holidays:

The Democratic Party is counting on open borders to push them over the finish line in 2020, never mind the safety and economic health of the American people.

Through all the liberal Trump bashing that continues to go on, a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows him to have a 47 percent approval rating at midterm. That is higher than the last six presidents at the same point in their terms.

We’re encouraged – as many Hoosiers are – by the continued forward-looking approach taken by Gov. Holcomb and his administration. Investments to grow and attract Indiana’s current and future workers are required to allow our state to achieve at the highest levels.

Gov. Eric Holcomb demonstrated strong and consistent leadership in his third State of the State address. He proved yet again he is armed and ready to tackle the issues facing Indiana with ideas that will deliver measurable and positive results for all Hoosiers.

“Yellow journalism is 112 years old today (now 123 years in 2019) and is still alive and well. The term was first coined in 1896 during a time of battle of the New York Journal and the New York World for domination of the New York City market. Critics attacked both newspapers for building ci…

It is crystal clear: The author of a column in the Jan. 10 issue of the Kokomo Tribune lives on a different planet than the rest of us. He used his column to blast President Donald Trump for his position on a border wall, claiming Trump proposes a solution to a problem that does not exist. T…

In Howard County Democratic Party chairwoman Kathy Skiles' response to Tyler Moore’s mayoral bid, she stated, “Just 10 years ago, that area was nearly vacant and dilapidated. Greg got to work and revitalized these areas along with the rest of Kokomo.”

The current rage in the Indiana Statehouse is to write a hate crimes law. The proponents claim good things we need in a hate crimes law.

This notion that we are supposed to submit to and obey governmental authorities who came up with an immoral, bogus law that legalizes the slaughter of innocents, and that we must acknowledge that as law is nonsense.

Karissa Niehoff, executive director of the National Federation of State High School Associations in Indianapolis, and Bobby Cox, commissioner of the Indiana High School Athletic Association, send this Jeer for parents who shout at coaches and game officials during events:

Judy Favors of Kokomo sends this Cheer for those who participated in the most recent Favors' Free Christmas Dinner:

Cheers and Jeers

Bret Schreckinghaust of Russiaville sends this Jeer for those who blame guns after every school shooting:

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