Can politicians learn anything from pro football besides punting on balanced budgets and blocking useful legislation? Probably not, but there are other parallels between the gridiron and gridlock.

Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m., I went to the Tipton Community Theatre to see “9 to 5”. I was amazed and very entertained by this production.

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If the Democratic Party were somehow able to manufacture enough evidence and get enough votes to impeach President Trump, Vice President Pence would become president. If they would be able to do the same with him, then Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would step into the presiden…

I’m finally able to take more than just a moment or two to process the incredible events that transpired [last] week! Wow! Words cannot adequately describe the honor and appreciation I felt [last] week from the incredible show of support at the polls and the historic results that day produced!

Today, we celebrate the service of our many veterans across the state and the country. It's very important: those who have given the greatest sacrifice in life, and those who have returned from serving our country so diligently.

For the first time, Hoosier Democrats will hold the Mayor’s office in Zionsville and seats on city councils in Carmel and Fishers. Democrats won commanding victories for mayor in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and New Albany, added a council majority in Columbus and strengthened council majorities…

Many are surprised that Kokomo city government completely changed hands. I'll admit to being a little shocked that not even one Democrat kept a seat.

Kyle Hupfer, chairman of the Indiana Republican Party, sends this Cheer for Kokomo's Tyler Moore and other Hoosier GOP election winners:

The biggest single-day sporting event on planet Earth is about to get even bigger and better. I couldn’t be more excited about the future of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with "The Captain" Roger Penske at the helm.

On Oct. 11, we celebrated International Day of the Girl. As the CEO of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana and the mom of four girls, I spend my professional and personal life watching amazing girls discover their sense of purpose while learning about advocacy, STEM, business, the world, and the …

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In times like these, we all want to make sure we are in the hands of qualified elected officials. Tyler Moore is experienced and qualified to be mayor of the city of Kokomo.

I write this letter in support of Tyler Moore to be our next mayor. I have known Tyler long before our political paths crossed. During that time, I always admired Tyler as a professional, as a friend, and a father.

I have known Bob Cameron for more than 50 years. I have seen him at the best of times and in the “not so good” times. And through those times he has been a rock, a cornerstone, a man of integrity and a man of his word.

So often city officials do not really talk about education and teachers. I understand why. Cities do not have authority over schools, salaries, testing or class sizes - all of the factors viewed as directly affecting education are decided at the state and national level.

Tyler Moore probably doesn’t know this, but he has always been a hero to me. I can still remember the first time I met Tyler. I was in the eighth grade and friends with his family.

As a registered independent voter, I try to vote for the best candidate. I want to encourage you too to vote for the best candidate in the upcoming mayoral election. The mayor is the CEO of the city and his or her decisions affect how you live every day of your life. This person has a direct…

Once again Kokomo’s current city clerk, Brenda Brunnemer Ott, is asking for your support this election. Brenda’s Brunnemer family in total has more than 60 years of service dedicated to the cty of Kokomo and the Howard County area.

I retired from the Kokomo Police Department in January 2018. I immediately began working for Howard County government in the capacity as chief deputy coroner.

In preparation for choosing our next mayor in Kokomo, it is important to identify qualities of good leaders. Here is an essential one: Good leaders distinguish between “technical” and “adaptive” challenges.

As I sit here and contemplate about writing my letter to the editor, which I have never done, I know in my heart that my husband would have done the same thing for Tyler Moore.

Greg Jones is a good friend of mine. What has earned my respect the most about Greg is that he is a career Air Force veteran. The dedication and strong will to serve our country by serving the military is incredibly admirable.

The operation of city government is at a crossroads. In times like these we all want to make sure we are in the hands of qualified elected officials.

Susan Burns and Emily Koors raise a Cheer for the volunteers, sponsors and players who supported another successful Western Buddy Bags-RUMC fundraiser:

For a recent letter writer to say he doesn't believe we need more police and firefighters is 100% incorrect. If he would actually get out and around the city and talk to real people, he would learn there is crime all over the city.

I am a widow and retired Delco radio employee. I would like to add my endorsement to the Kokomo fire and police departments in voting for Tyler Moore for mayor.

I have known Greg Jones for 35 years. I meet him when we were young children and our fathers served together in the military. We became fast friends and were inseparable when our fathers were stationed together. So if anyone is qualified to tell you who he is, it is I.

Cheers and Jeers

Bret Schreckinghaust of Russiaville sends this Jeer for those who blame guns after every school shooting:

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