As an elected official in our community, as a mother, as a Democrat, as a decent human being, I am deeply disturbed by the comments made about Muslims and LGBTQ+ persons by newly elected City Councilman Greg Jones, who resigned.

Tracey Horth Krueger, chief executive officer of the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault (ICESA), and Rima Shahid, executive director of Women4Change Indiana, send this Jeer for the lack of a definition of consent in Indiana:

Dara Johnson, chairwoman of the Howard County Democratic Party, sends this Jeer for Kokomo Sen. Jim Buck's U.S. Senate nomination proposal:

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The Kokomo Tribune was given a "tip" that led the newspaper to publish unflattering remarks Councilman Greg Jones had expressed about certain members of society back in 2015.

Early last week our entire community saw the hideous comments made by Republican District 4 City Councillor Greg Jones when his personal, privacy settings-protected Facebook posts from 2015 made their way to local media outlets. Jones had represented District 4 for 13 days.

State Sen. Jim Buck has proposed to the Senate Elections Committee removing the primary election for those seeking office in the U.S. Senate. SB 75 would remove citizens from the voting process in direct violation of the 17th Amendment.

President Donald Trump is responsible for destroying the truth as we knew it in this nation. He has lied so much and so often that it is becoming normalized behavior for the Republican Party. I am surprised that so few have stood up to confront this constant deception and soiling of the fabr…

Gov. Eric Holcomb’s State of the State speech gave hope and validation to thousands of Hoosiers around the state with disabilities. Holcomb said, “… we won’t overlook anyone who is aspiring to be successful. That includes Hoosiers with disabilities, who seek to live and work in a safe, affor…

Kokomo Pride Youth Group (KPYG) takes its responsibility as a role model for LGBTQ+ youth seriously. We believe that, as mentors and advocates for our community, it is our duty to address the recent news regarding Kokomo Common Councilman Greg Jones.

I just read the Kokomo Tribune story on the new Dollar General Store coming to the north end of Kokomo. Even though I don't shop at Dollar General often, I think it is about time something is done in the north end. Hopefully Dollar General will take care of this new building and lot. It will…

Arletta Cook Reith of Kokomo sends this Cheer for the Northwestern High School girls basketball team and school district:

Dave Kitchell of Kokomo, the retired long-time Tribune sports editor and president of the Kokomo Humane Society board of directors, sends this Cheer:

Councilman Greg Jones has shown his true beliefs in writing on social media. This is who represents our community now. We must unify to fight back at every opportunity.

I am appalled at what I read in Tuesday's paper about Kokomo City Councilman Greg Jones. I condemn his disgusting, hateful comments about Muslim people and LGBTQIA people.

The ancient prophets warned that the generation preceding the coming of Christ would witness the complete moral breakdown of society. For the last two centuries, Western culture has reflected an almost universal acceptance of the fundamental values revealed in God's written revelation to man…

Social Security will be broke by 2035 and forced to reduce benefits to our retired citizens to stay functioning. Many thousands are dying from illegal drug use. We are $23 trillion in debt. And many more issues are needed to be addressed in our country.

Pete Buttigieg, the pluperfect modern avatar-like demographically fashioned hero, is making a credible run for president of the United States partly on his frequent mention of the courage and character needed in a combat zone. There is a strong inference of combat experience.

Kelly Karickhoff, executive director of resource development for Ivy Tech Kokomo, sends this Cheer for the Johnson Family of Kokomo:

Retired Kokomo police officer Tom Kelley sends this Cheer for the KPD's retiring Craig Musgrave:

As businesses make plans for the new year ahead, they should resolve to hire one employee who is blind or visually impaired or partner with a company who employs workers with disabilities.

I had a great gift given to me from a complete stranger on my morning walk this week. I am nearly 80 years old.

When it comes to who is mayor of Kokomo, I don't care whether it's a Republican or a Democrat. All I ask for is to do their best to make Kokomo a better city.

Van Taylor, executive director of the Kokomo Rescue Mission, sends this Cheer to those who gave to the agency's Christmas initiatives:

Brian Tabor, president of the Indiana Hospital Association, sends this Jeer for economist Michael Hicks' assertion that the Hoosier State has a hospital monopoly problem:

Coordinated Assistance Ministries (CAM) is a people-to-people ministry. Our focus is on assisting the homeless and those who would be homeless without some assistance.

Glen Boise of Kokomo sends this Cheer for House Democrats' vote for the impeachment of President Trump:

Jeff Mercier of American Legion Post 415 in Galveston sends this Cheer to those who contributed and participated in this year's We Care auction:

Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Indiana, sends this Jeer after voting against the impeachment of President Trump:

The top national headline in the Tuesday, Dec. 17, issue of the Kokomo Tribune said, “Dems: Trump betrayed nation”, when the only betrayal of our nation has been that of the Democrats.

Cheers and Jeers

Bret Schreckinghaust of Russiaville sends this Jeer for those who blame guns after every school shooting:

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