Kyle Hupfer, chairman of the Indiana Republican Party, sends this Cheer for Kokomo's Tyler Moore and other Hoosier GOP election winners:

"By any measure, Election Day 2019 was an overwhelming success for Indiana Republicans.

"Election 2019 will be remembered as a record-setting night for the Indiana Republican Party. We made unprecedented gains in mayoral races across the state, ending the night with a record-setting 70 wins. When our new Republican mayors are all sworn in, Indiana will have the largest number of GOP-led cities in the history of our state. This is a testament to the strength of our candidates, the hard work and support of the state party, and the organization and enthusiasm of grassroots Republican volunteers in all corners of our state.

"Republicans flipped 19 mayoral seats, 17 Democratic and 2 independent. This included former Democratic strongholds of Kokomo, Muncie, Logansport and Michigan City.

"Republicans will now hold 23 more mayoral offices than Democrats, another record.

"Some highlights:

"Tyler Moore brings the Kokomo mayor’s office back into the Republican column for the first time in over a decade, cruising to victory with 68% of the vote and sweeping city council races as well.

"Dan Ridenour led a Republican wave in Muncie, taking back the mayor’s office and ushering in a GOP-majority city council. This is the first time in 40 years the GOP has controlled the Muncie City Council.

"In Michigan City, voters rejected the embattled Democratic mayor and elected Republican Duane Parry, who campaigned on cleaning up city hall and restoring trust in local government.

"Democrats in Evansville and Columbus didn’t even oppose Republican mayors Lloyd Winnecke and Jim Lienhoop.

"Salem will have its first Republican mayor in 34 years when Justin Green is sworn in.

"The voters of Jeffersonville gave four more for Moore as Mike Moore easily secured a third term.

"Matt Murphy is keeping the Valpo mayor’s office in Republican hands.

"This trend continued throughout the state. Terre Haute, Lawrence, Logansport, Winchester, Bluffton, Hartford City and Greensburg — just to name a few — all elected Republican mayors.

"The Indiana Republican Party was involved in upwards of 45 municipal elections this year, investing more than $250,000 and unleashing an army of grassroots staff and volunteers who made hundreds of thousands of phone calls and knocked on thousands of doors.

"While [Tuesday] was a historic day for Hoosier Republicans, we’re not ignoring those races where we came up short. The opposition flipped some mayoral and city council seats in central Indiana and defeated some of our strong mayoral candidates in targeted cities. We will work extremely hard to win back those voters who didn’t vote Republican this cycle. We’ll also have deep benches from which to recruit stellar candidates when it comes time to win back those offices and expand our map even more.

"The Indiana Republican Party is competitive in areas where we’d long been written off. We’re playing the entire board and making Democrats compete everywhere, which they simply cannot do. This is how we’ve built a dominant political organization, including winning every statewide race, both United States Senate seats, seven of nine U.S. House seats, more than 80% of county offices throughout the state, supermajorities in both houses of the state Legislature and, now, 70 mayoral offices in Indiana.

"This strength reflects the continued upward trajectory of our party under Gov. Holcomb’s leadership. Election 2019 bodes well for the strength of our apparatus as we now begin the 2020 election cycle.

"Thank you for your continued support of Indiana Republicans. Together, we’re Putting People First and delivering real results for Hoosiers in all corners of our state."

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