Dave Smessaert, Scott York and Margaret Sklenar, owners of Metropolitan Title Co., send this Jeer for dirty politics:

“It has recently come to our attention Kokomo mayoral candidate Tyler Moore has been accused of engaging in unethical business practices. Allegations of using political contacts to steer business towards his filial organization, Moore Title, and similar conflicts of interest are being circulated around the Kokomo community, presumably by agents of his rivals.

“While neither Metropolitan Title Co. nor any of us individually can warrant or represent the activities or actions of other organizations, much less business competitors, we feel compelled to speak in defense of Mr. Moore.

“In the many years our organization has proudly served the Kokomo community, we have only ever witnessed Mr. Moore conduct himself in a manner that was straightforward, fair and ethical. Again, as those who sit atop an organization that is in direct competition with Mr. Moore’s family business, it may appear odd we would rise to his defense. However, it is our feeling the socio-political climate in our country and its communities has risen to unacceptably toxic levels. There was a time when the citizens of our Hoosier communities stood for certain qualities; we’d like to think honesty, loyalty and decency were, and still can be, those qualities.

“Mr. Moore is a proud son of Kokomo. Having graduated from the University of Notre Dame, he returned to his hometown to help manage and grow Moore Title. He’s also made the selfless commitment to serve his community via political office. He has built and earned a reputation for honesty and fair-dealing in this region. The fact these baseless claims are only now arising when he is running for mayor is dubious and unsavory, to say the least.

“We call upon those who would seek to blemish a man’s reputation for their own political gain to consider the cost. Tyler is a person the Kokomo community should be proud of. He is a man the young people in this community can look to as an example. If we disparage a man of his character, we inadvertently denigrate ourselves and risk deflating the aspirations of those who, like Tyler, have committed themselves to a path of achievement and leadership.”

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