It is time to get some common sense into this border wall situation.

I am an independent, so I try to vote for the best person regardless of which party they are in. There are good and bad people in both parties. No one should vote a straight ticket.

I don’t have a problem with immigrants trying to better their lives by coming here legally to work. That’s how our country was founded. But too many are coming here for a handout.

The government doesn’t have any money of its own. It only has the money it taxes working people.

In 2017 illegal immigrants cost $135 billion in benefits. So President Trump asking for $5 billion to slow down additional people is small. If our past presidents and Congress had done their jobs according to our laws, the problem wouldn’t be this large today.

It’s ironic the same rich politicians who don’t want a wall on the border have walls around their house, with guards to keep people out.

Too many of our politicians are childish and don’t care what is good for the American people. They just want to be the alpha dog on the block.

The Democrats don’t look at each issue separately. They just are 100 percent anti-Trump.

I will agree: President Trump should be more diplomatic than he is and try to compromise to get results.

The politicians talk about bipartisanship but very few of them practice it.

The American people need to start thinking for themselves and not trust the news media as being truthful.

Steve Sallee, Kokomo

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