The fourth estate of government is the press. They are the watchdogs over the other three branches of government and our frontline for reporting wrongdoing in government.

President Donald Trump is attempting to discredit and destroy this vital source of information. This is important to understand because information is what allows us to broaden our knowledge base, which in turn, helps us to make good decisions.

Hosea, chapter 4, verse 6 reads: “My people are destroyed by the lack of knowledge.”

Can you imagine our country without the news media to give you information? We would have to rely on blinding propaganda and gossip for information.

Vice President Mike Pence attempted a government-sponsored news outlet called “Just IN” while governor of Indiana. Pence wanted Hoosiers to receive state propaganda dressed up as fact-checked news.

Trump labels journalist and news organizations that will not bend to his untruths as liberal or “fake news.” Trump refuses to have White House press briefings.

The Republican Party has embraced this attack on the press with cultist enthusiasm. A wise man once said, “When an unrighteous man brings you bad news, look carefully into it; but before you act, look very carefully into the man who brought you the news.”

Through my long career in GM public relations, I worked with many journalists. I would be lying if I said I liked them all. However, I will be first to say that 99.9% of those journalists were professionals and dedicated to providing the public an invaluable service.

Often managers at GM would complain to me about something that they did not like in what they termed “our newspaper.” Well, I doubt that they had any ownership in “our newspaper” and obviously not a clue in understanding objective journalistic reporting. The difference between the GM managers and the journalists was the journalists were smart enough to refrain from trying to tell someone else how to do a job that they did not understand.

I have watched the changes in news organizations with great interest. I have sadly watched many good journalists lose their jobs because a wealthy corporate owner wants to alter the information that we receive to affect your behavior.

Now, we have a president, VP and Republican Party that threatens the free flow of information.

Milton Beach, Kokomo

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