Councilman Greg Jones has shown his true beliefs in writing on social media. This is who represents our community now. We must unify to fight back at every opportunity.

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion and peaceful assembly. Period.

It certainly gives us pause if one of our local elected officials feels so hateful towards a group of people with different beliefs than him. From experience as a Common Council member, I know how important it is to ensure you're open and accessible to constituents; I can't imagine how our Muslim citizens, LGBTQ+ citizens or any citizens, for that matter, feel comfortable approaching Councilman Jones after reading his true feelings about them. We all know men like this; people like this, don't change. They just get better at hiding it on social media. His behavior is disgusting, and it breaks my heart for our community. He owes us all an apology.

The Democratic Party is one that believes our differences do not divide us. We are unafraid of our differences; we embrace them; we welcome them. Our differences make us stronger as a people. Kokomo is a place of diversity. Those who endorsed his beliefs - ran with him locked arm-in-arm, must now rise up and speak out. If not, silence will be their continued endorsement of such a horrific view.

Anyone with that viewpoint is looking in the rearview mirror, and has no place in Kokomo's future.

Dara Johnson, Howard County Democratic Party

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