As we approach the election, it seems one of the biggest issues is crime. The solution some politicians would tell us is to increase the number of police.

Personally, I have never had a problem with the efficiency of the KPD. My few dealings with them have always been courteous, fair and fast. So, I have never seen them unable to do their jobs due to staffing.

As far as the campaign promise to hire more people to fight crime, I wonder if hiring 10, 15, 25 or 100 more officers would make a bit of difference. I suppose response time could be increased by a few seconds, but would that make a big difference in the crime? If someone is intent on breaking the law, could 25 more officers stop that someone before he followed through on his goal?

So, if larger forces can’t prevent or even stop a crime from happening, what could? There are ways to curtail crime, but they would be very difficult and expensive for taxpayers.

What would it take to eliminate or reduce income inequality, low-paid jobs, racism, greed, poor job readiness, substandard housing, mental illness, family breakdown, drugs (both legal and illegal), alcohol addiction, etc.?

Also, I don’t understand the cries to increase the fire department to the same size as the police department. I realize it is a Kokomo “tradition.” But their work and jobs are so different. Kokomo doesn’t seem to be suffering from arson or an outbreak of fires.

Before the election, I hope we will hear some constructive ways to fight crime besides the knee-jerk, expensive and probably ineffective hiring proposals we’re hearing.

Charles Short, Kokomo

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