Building a new baseball stadium is an important quality-of-life and economic development opportunity. Kokomo is thriving and moving in the right direction and now is not the time to put on the brakes. The stadium was engineered to fulfill two goals: build a quality, new amenity and help alleviate flooding along the Wildcat Creek.

The city council supported this stadium with two unanimous, bipartisan votes. Even the Baseball Study Committee, composed of local business leaders and area athletic directors, was bipartisan and chaired by a Republican. For anyone to claim there was no public input or notice about this stadium is particularly disingenuous. Let’s look at the facts:

• Mayor Greg Goodnight discussed it in two public State of the City addresses.

• City officials held three public press conferences about the stadium.

• The city council held two public votes, with public comment periods on the stadium.

• The Board of Works has discussed stadium-related items at more than 25 public meetings.

• The plans have been covered by every media outlet that serves the residents.

• The plans have been posted prominently on the city’s website, Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

Kokomo is at its best when we work together, and this baseball stadium is a perfect example of that.

Mike Kennedy

City councilman

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