To the internet trolls - yes, you know who you are.

You claim to report the "real news." You claim to "brief" Kokomo and be "in the know" about the happenings in our city.

Nearly everything I read on your sites have one thing in common: broad, sweeping statements that are presented as "fact," presented as "news." However, nothing is sourced, cited or proved.

You are attempting to influence the political process in this city by spreading fake "news" that is at best disingenuous and, at worst, flat-out lies.

Please stop. Now.

A note to Tyler Moore: Throughout the campaign you have claimed to be above mudslinging. Yet, you publicly express thanks and appreciation to those supporters of yours who engage daily in unsubstantiated vitriol. You might not be doing the dirty work directly, but you support those who do it on your behalf.

You can't play in the same sandbox as those folks and still claim to be a good guy.

Amy Cummings, Kokomo

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