Every living American is going to remember where they were and what they were doing Wednesday when they learned that insurgents had taken over our nation's capital. Fearing that Mike Pence would continue to disgrace our great Hoosier heartland, a judgment I now shamefully lament, I tried to avoid any contact with the real world.
But then the texts started pouring in midafternoon. First from my cousin, then my daughter and then from a friend. All educated and smart women, they were sickened, shocked and even a little frightened by the news from Washington.
I suspect the quote we will most remember came from Indiana Sen. Todd Young. He was accosted outside the capital by a bunch of Trumpsters who were outraged that he hadn't signed the Republican resolution trying to overturn the presidential election.
"My opinion doesn't matter," Young responded to the threatening accusations. A former Marine Corps officer who earned an appointment to Annapolis while serving as an enlisted sailor in the Navy, Young explained that "the law matters. I took an oath under God ... Do we still take that seriously in this country?"
Kokomo resident Kelly Trauring visited St. Leo Catholic Church in Bonita Springs early Thursday morning. As she was crossing the parking lot she looked to the heavens and right there, on the symbol of Christian faith, the Cross of Christ was an American Bald Eagle. The beautiful bird was still there when Mass was ended.
While some have ignored our history, this great American experiment is rooted in Christian values. We have been fortunate to elect many government leaders who, through their judgment and compassion, reflected the blessings of the Holy Spirit.
Yes, Sen. Young ... the truth still matters, the law still matters, and promises still matter. That you would even ask the question means that yes … God still matters.
Tom Kelley, Flora

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