‘Reasons to keep hope in humanity’

Sherry Schulte of Kokomo sends a Cheer written by many members of the Schulte and Dwyer families:

“The Schulte and Dwyer families would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the wonderful people in the Kokomo area for their support after the accident that took the lives of Dennis and Judy Schulte and severely injured Karina and Elias Schulte.

“So many acts of kindness have comforted our family members. We’d like to send a special note of gratitude to the following people and organizations: Russiaville United Methodist Church for the luncheon and Easter Memorial Service; Western and Northwestern high school staff members for the memorial service held in the Western gym and all those who attended; the men and women of the VFW who performed the military honors at the memorial; Jeff Stout and the Stout & Sons Funeral Home; the Rev. Ron Mann and the Rev. Steve Cole for their words and direction at the memorial service; Adrienne and Brett Bergman who started the fundraiser online; the Community Foundation of Howard County Inc. for managing the Schulte Fund for Future Educators; Mandy Wright-Jarrett, Christy Ruch and others for organizing the ‘Music for Strength’ benefit concert; Gary Rhum for donating his space and time for the ‘Music for Strength’ concert, and all the people who attended and donated at the ‘Music for Strength’ concert.

“There have been many other acts of kindness and heart working quietly behind the scenes — phone calls, kind words, money donated, etc. So many people are there for us in ways too numerous to mention. It is heartwarming to know that even during tragedies there are many reasons to keep hope in humanity.

“Thank you again, Kokomo and Howard County. Your generosity will always be remembered.”

The charges haven’t been proven

Bob Bollinger of Greentown sends this Jeer for the Tribune’s reporting of the police investigation into the Wagoner clinics:

“The recent reporting on the legal problems of the employees of the Wagoner clinic in the Kokomo Tribune have the trappings of a witch hunt. I can’t help wondering what these people ever did to the Tribune to warrant this feeding frenzy that’s going on in the Tribune’s coverage.

“I learned in the Kokomo school system that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. In this case, the ol’ Trib’s ready to lock them up and throw the key away.

“These people, whom I have no relationship with, have no forum to defend themselves when their faces are plastered on the front page of the paper in jail garb. I’ll bet they wonder what happened to cause them to go from respected members of the community to pariahs without any charges being proven against them.

“I’d like to say that I hope they’re innocent of the charges. I also hope that at some point in the future that all this can be put behind them and they can get on with their lives knowing that not everyone in this community had them convicted before they had their day in court.”

‘An asset to this community’

Pam and Gary Shuck of Windfall send this Cheer for a group of community activists:

“Citizens for Responsible Development, we thank you and are grateful for each and every one of you.

“These words aren’t sufficient but come from our hearts.

“You are an asset to this community. Your bright young minds and collective talents, along with teamwork, are amazing.

“You give unity, strength and hope to us who weren’t given a voice. You apply full efforts and knowledge, put in endless hours and focus to help others in the battle of the wind farms.

“You place your own lives on hold, which shows your selflessness, character and dedication to what is right. You’re already winners! You’re a force to be reckoned with!

“May God continue to be your strength and shine light upon the truth.”

Please fulfill your responsibilities

Amanda Baldwin sends this Jeer for pet abandonment:

“I’ve recently learned about some pet owners who recklessly abandoned their pets in the homes they abandoned during the recent flooding, and I need to just tell them, very publicly, shame on you. If the situation is not safe for you and your children to remain there, then it is obviously not safe for a domestic pet.

“You take on a large amount of responsibility when you decide to become what many like to call a pet parent. You accept that for the duration of that living creature’s life, you are responsible for them 100 percent.

“That includes, but is not limited to, saving them from impending doom in a natural disaster. Shame, shame, shame.”

Good service ‘is what they do’

Ray Day of Kokomo sends this Cheer for Indy Tire:

“I want to send this Cheer to a business here in Kokomo on the bypass. It is to Indy Tire.

“We had a flat on the daughter’s car. It was pouring down raining, and since I haven’t gotten my strength back, I could not change it. I called Indy Tire, which I have used before and explained to them my situation.

“Even though it was raining hard, they sent out one of their service men and he fixed it without any complaints that it was raining. That made my day, Debbie could use her car, and I could continue with whatever chores I had to do without interruption.

“It is people like those at Indy Tire who make your day. I will use them again, and I know that it will be good service because that is what they do.”

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