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Americans should educate themselves

Kudos to the Texas Democrats for standing up to voter suppression and nullification. More should follow their example.

The states that are now trying to pass laws are the same ones that claimed they had the most secure election in history. Now the GOP is using “Critical Race Theory” as another talking point to stir up their base. The majority has no clue of what it is, while Fox continues to lie to their listeners and divide the country even more.

It would behoove the American people to turn off Fox and educate themselves on what has happened over the history of our country. Regarding voting rights, everyone should read the book “Walking with the Wind” by John Robert Lewis. It may wake up many people to the reality of the history of voting rights.

It is a history book in itself and should be taught in schools. If we are going to teach history in school, let us tell the truth — not just about the African-American experience but that of the Native Americans who were displaced from their land, including the Miami Indians who are not even recognized because of the government.

Or how Japanese-Americans were rounded up and placed in internment camps. It goes on-and-on.

Our history has effected the way we live today. Let us teach our children not to make the same mistakes by teaching and telling the truth. To borrow a quote from Bellamy Shoffner, “it is insufficient to only tell your children that racism and racists are bad. It is insufficient to simply explain people ‘we love people of all colors.’ It is lazy and near damaging to proclaim a love for all people but never make the leap of actually reaching out to people of color or adding tangible diversity to your life. In a world filled with empty rhetoric, our children don’t need to hear words from us without action. They need to see us embody the beliefs we claim to hold dear.”

The attack on our democracy is real and what we do with it will affect generations to come. Do not let the talking points, hoaxes and conspiracy theories guide your life. Learn and study for yourself the great history of our country, and what you can do to make it better for our children and then decide. God Bless America, even with its faults!

John Walker, Peru

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