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Biden a model of honesty, morality

The Sound Off letter in the July 14 Kokomo Tribune begs clarification and I wish to offer a different take on the writer’s impression of President Biden. I submit that it could easily be used on a master’s-level class on gaslighting.

He begins his list of misinformation with the Trump trope of Joe Biden’s candidacy and campaigning by referring to President Biden “Hiding in the basement.” A much more accurate assessment of Biden’s behavior would recognize that during the campaign year of 2020, roughly 1,000 U.S. families each week dealt with the loss of one or more family members due to the COVID pandemic. President Biden chose to act prudently and not campaign in COVID cauldrons in deference to the safety of our population.

The most startling part of the letter was the thought that Joe Biden can be characterized as a liar. The “lie,” according to the letter, was that the current president wished to unite the country. The basic problem with this thinking is that the writer ignores the fact that the Republican House and Senate have joined arms with the base in lock-step opposition to almost everything that the president has asked them to come to table on. President Biden has consistently irritated Democrats by seeking compromise when no compromise was considered by the Republicans.

I will give the writer style points for the well-turned phrase regarding snake oil. However, he lost all points with his outright mischaracterization of President Biden’s efforts to find common ground. On rare occasion, he was able to bring along a few of the Republican senators. On the vast majority of issues, he was told to burn his proposal and submit a shell of the same to which they might respond.

Regarding his complaint about Executive Orders, I would encourage everyone to Google the Executive Orders issued on day one. They seemed pretty reasonable to this moderate Democrat.

His parting shot referenced President Biden’s fitness to be president. Biden, as he noted, has been a gaffe machine his entire political life. However, I don’t have to wait for history to judge that compared to his predecessor, President Biden has been a model of honesty and morality for the American people.

Randy Martin, Kokomo

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