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Get vaccinated for yourself, others

The pandemic is at its lowest point yet. However, it is not yet over. People who haven’t been vaccinated continue to get and spread this disease. As the disease spreads it mutates.

This means it can spread faster and that people who haven’t been at much risk may be at much higher risk. People are out and about more.

This is good socially and psychologically. However, combined with more transmissible variants, this could cause a new surge in cases. Get vaccinated. Vaccines work better when more people get them. Everyone is safer if you get vaccinated. Grandma isn’t safe if she gets vaccinated. She needs you to get vaccinated.

There are breakthrough infections where vaccinated people get sick. This is normal. It doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t work. It just means they work better when more people get them. I know some people are afraid of the vaccine. It seems new. And there is a lot of contradictory information.

I would like to try to allay these fears. I have been vaccinated. I am writing this, so clearly it did not kill me. I breathe normally. All of my limbs work. And, no, I am not magnetic. Although, even if I were, wouldn’t that be kinda cool actually? Do it for yourself or do it for grandma, just please, get vaccinated.

Karoline Fairbanks, Terre Haute

Bring back the old shortcake recipe

I want to thank the Downtown Association for a very nice Strawberry Festival. It was very nice to be able to see everyone and see all vendors.

I would like to suggest the shortcake recipe be brought back from past years. I realize this was no one’s fault but I loved last time and this year not as much.

The shortcakes this year just needed some work. I know everyone did the best could. Just my suggestion. Thanks again.

Jenny Tudor, Kokomo

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