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Superman drove an Oldsmobile?

It is 1957. George Reeves is guest starring as Superman in an episode of the TV sitcom "I Love Lucy" titled "Lucy and Superman."

After a half-hour of typical Lucy antics, they end up out on a ledge with Lucy dressed up in a Superman outfit, and with Reeves — the real Superman — out there trying to bring her back inside.

Her husband, Ricky, says this is the dumbest stunt she has pulled in the 15 years they have been married. George Reeves says in disbelief, "You've been married to her for 15 years? And they call me Superman?"

To which Lucy makes a face.

George Reeves was Superman, a role he played in the TV series "The Adventures of Superman" from 1951-57. He played it so well he became associated with the role to the point that as an actor, Superman was all he was ever seen as.

When he wrecked his British-made Alvis sports car in 1956, the headline was "Superman Files Damage Suit." When he was involved in a 1959 crash in his Jaguar XK140 car, headlines were "Superman Hurt in Car Mishap" and "Superman Out Cold in Auto Crash." He had sustained a gash to his head, and had fainted while talking to the police. When he died in June of 1959 under questionable circumstances, the headlines were "Superman Kills Self," "Probe Death of Superman," etc.

There is a picture of him standing in the driveway of his Benedict Canyon home, next to another car he owned, an Olds Super 88 convertible. So it seemed, when he wasn't flying through the air or leaping tall buildings in a single bound, Superman was driving an Oldsmobile.

Jeff Hatton, Greentown

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