Michael C. Carson

Last week, I pointed out while we are created in the image of God, we are not God. Therefore, our penultimate trust must be in God to direct our paths.

Today, I want to begin by declaring there are times when situations appear to be insurmountable. While often times we can, or should, see a problem coming, there are also times when things just show up out of nowhere.

We all know the phrase, “nothing just happens.” We are encouraged to “see the writing on the wall.” Collins English Dictionary defines this aforementioned quote as being able “to foresee impending disaster or misfortune.”

It is true that often times we get a long notice of something happening but choose to overlook it, or push it to the side.

We must not let the appearance of things dictate the reality of things. Things are not always as they appear. We must ask ourselves, “Can I, or will I, make it through this?”

Here is where I find myself at now. Given a health situation I am coming through I’ve had some come to Jesus meetings.

We all dialogue with the Holy. Through this we have to come to terms with the situation at hand “just happened” or if it happened over a long period of time.

No matter how you handle the appearance of the predicament versus the reality of the predicament, remember appearances can be deceiving. Often the appearance of things is far worse than the reality of things. We know that things are not always as they appear.

A friend of mine, Robin Nichols, told me that God gives us a performance plan.

“We are all accountable to ‘God’s Performance Plan,” she said. “We are not yet what God will have us to be. So we will be presented with choices and decisions to make so that God can evaluate us and help us become better.”

Beloved, when presented with two options, always lean in and choose God. He will not steer you wrong. An easy way to remind yourself how to handle two options is to sing “I Know the Lord Will Make a Way,” by Bishop G.E. Patterson.

“I know the Lord will make a way. Yes He will. I know the Lord will make a way. Yes He will. He’ll make a way for you. He will lead you safely through. I know the Lord will make a way. Yes He will.

I have a Savior who I can tell all my troubles to. When I’m burdened and don’t know what to do. I can go to Him in secret prayer. And I can leave all my burdens there. I know the Lord will make a way. Yes He will.”

P.s. Evangelist Catherine L. Carson and I send our condolences to the family and friends of Late Kokomo Mayor and Howard County Sheriff Robert “Bob” Sargent.

Dr. Carson serves as Consultant to the North District and Sacred Soaring South District of the Indiana Annual Conference of the A.M.E. Church for Fund Development and Spiritual Formation. He is Founder of “Refreshing” A Ministry For Pastors, Ministers, and Laity Needing Restoration, Refreshing, and Healing. A Personal & Professional Development Ministry.

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