Howard County


Monday, 9:25 a.m., deputies arrested Troy Sowell, 32, Peru, at the Miami County jail, on a warrant for failure to appear for fees.

Monday, 10:20 a.m., deputies arrested Shauntee Pickett, 43, 400 block of West Elm Street, at the Howard County jail, on a warrant for petition to revoke a suspended sentence.

Monday, 10:30 a.m., deputies arrested Eric R. Blackburn, 23, 4100 north block of 00 East-West, at the courthouse, on a warrant for petition to revoke a suspended sentence.

Monday, 10:40 a.m., deputies arrested Jason McStay, 32, Peru, at the Howard County jail, on a warrant for failure to appear.

Monday, 10:50 a.m., deputies arrested Rachel Hill, 42, 900 block of North Main Street, at 2020 S. Reed Road, on a charge of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud.

Monday, 12:25 p.m., deputies arrested Chad A. Bergin, 23, 1400 block of West Tate Street, at the courthouse, on a warrant for petition to revoke.

Monday, 12:30 p.m., deputies arrested Rachel Lopez, 20, 600 block of Cassville Road, at that residence, on charges of resisting law enforcement and mischief.

Monday, 1 p.m., deputies arrested Nathaniel Morrow, 34, Lexington, Ky., at the Howard County jail, on warrants for residential entry, mischief and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Monday, 3:08 p.m., deputies arrested Corneal Bank, 18, 500 block of North Delphos Street, at the courthouse, on a warrant for failure to appear.

Monday, 3:48 p.m., police arrested Patrick Hinton, 39, 900 block of East Monroe Street, in that area, on charges of possession of a handgun without a permit and possession of a handgun while being a serious violent felon.

Monday, 4:05 p.m., deputies arrested Stephshawn Simpson, 24, 1100 block of North LaFountain Street, at the Howard County jail, on a warrant for petition to revoke a suspended sentence.

Monday, 4:35 p.m., police arrested Robert Beckley, 31, 2300 west block of 260 South, in the 1600 block of West Markland Avenue, on charges of possession of cocaine, possession of cocaine within 1,000 feet of a park and a warrant for two counts of dealing in cocaine.

Monday, 5:01 p.m., deputies arrested Hoshea Blackamore, 44, 2700 block of North Locke Street, at the Marshall County jail, on a warrant for failure to appear.

Monday, 7:58 p.m., police arrested Kenneth Perry, 47, 900 block of Shorebend Boulevard, at Webster and Richmond streets, on a charge of driving while suspended.

Monday, 8:45 p.m., deputies arrested Jay K. Darlin, 47, 700 block of North McCann Street, at that residence, on a warrant for petition to revoke a suspended sentence.

Monday, 9:15 p.m., police arrested a 14-year-old female in the 200 block of Southlea Drive, on a charge of theft.

Monday, 10:55 p.m., police arrested Anthony Landrum, 20, Peru, in the 3500 block of South Webster Street, on charges of driving while suspended, false informing and identity theft.

Tuesday, no time given, police arrested Tyler L. Moore, 22, 3300 block of South Dixon Lane, at home, on charges of domestic battery and resisting law enforcement.

Tuesday, 12:23 a.m., deputies arrested Aaron J. Vance, 19, 1200 block of East Taylor Street, on a charge of possession of marijuana.

Tuesday, 1:02 a.m., deputies arrested Justin Rush, 40, 3300 block of East Dixon Street, at the Waste Water Treatment Plant, on a warrant for battery.

Tuesday, 9:27 a.m., deputies arrested Vashti Dillon, 30, 3400 block of Tallyho Drive, at the Howard County Jail, on a body attachment warrant.

Tuesday 10:45 a.m., deputies arrested Joshua Ebeling, 28, 1800 block of North Purdum Street, at the Howard County Jail, on a petition to revoke suspended sentence.

Tuesday, 10:55 a.m., deputies arrested Archie A. Robertson, 34, Tipton, at the Tipton Jail, on a warrant for purchase of more than 3 grams of precursor in a week.

Miami County


June 10, 12:37 a.m., police arrested Larry W. Townsend, 57, 1 block of Boulevard, Peru, on a felony charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, refusal.

June 10, 12:35 p.m., deputies arrested Robert D. Kemp, 29, Indiana State Penitentiary, Michigan City, on a Miami County court order.

June 10, 2:26 p.m., state police and deputies arrested Tara A. Williamson, 32, 5800 block of U.S. 31 South, Peru, on charges of perjury, false informing, and aiding, inducing or causing invasion of privacy.

June 10, 3:30 p.m., state police arrested Michael W. Boggs, 40, 400 block of East Sixth Street, Peru, on charges of parole violation, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of marijuana less than 30 grams, possession of paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine less than 3 grams.

June 10, 9:55 p.m., deputies arrested Cheree M. Cheek, 32, 2000 block of West Matador Street, Peru, on a charge of disorderly conduct.

June 11, 8 a.m., deputies arrested Johnny R. Griffin, 36, Wabash, on charges of violation of probation and maintaining a common nuisance.

June 11, 9:15 a.m., deputies arrested Natasha Croushore, 26, 300 block of West Main Street, Peru, on a Miami County warrant.

June 11, 1:55 p.m., deputies arrested Leonard P. Reust, 29, Fort Wayne, on charges of dealing a schedule II controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, maintaining a common nuisance, dealing marijuana and possession of marijuana.

June 11, 3:20 p.m., deputies arrested Jeffory L. Adams, 47, 300 block of West Mulberry Street, Kokomo, on a Miami County warrant charge of violation of probation.

Friday, 10 a.m., deputies arrested Billy J. Carroll, 41, Wabash, on 14 warrant counts of receiving stolen property.

Friday, 2:58 p.m., deputies arrested Randy E. Garrett, 24, 40 block of Center Street Plaza, Peru, on a Howard County warrant charge of contempt of court.

Tipton County


Friday, 11:06 p.m., state police arrested Gerry Lynn Scott, 48, 600 block of Hill Street, Tipton, on a charge of operating while intoxicated.

Saturday, 3:50 a.m., sheriff’s deputies arrested Ervin Matthew Shrock, 37, 400 block of Kentucky Avenue, Tipton, on the charge of public intoxication.

Saturday, 7 p.m., police arrested Jeremy R. Hanson, 26, 100 block of West Adams Street, on a charge of domestic battery.

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