Many people would say they watch their spending on groceries and try to cut costs where they can. But it’s different for Charlet Ayala.

You can help “Change the Conversation” about poverty in our community. Listed below are current needs of area organizations working to empower those in poverty, especially the residents of Garden Square apartments. Contact these groups for more information about how you can get involved.

Kokomo Urban Outreach is moving into its second decade with a series of initiatives labeled "Changing the Conversation," which are aimed at empowering those in poverty through education and mentorship.

In addition to its residents’ financial constraints, Garden Square's location adds another degree of difficulty for people living there to access groceries. The apartment complex is in a food desert.

I’m sure you regular [friday] readers were looking forward to another of Marty’s entertaining columns, but he was kind enough to let me step in and say a few words here this week.

Showing up for work on time, not missing a day for the first few weeks on a new job and knowing what constitutes work-appropriate attire may seem like common sense to some people.

Bobby Thieke knows her daughter needs to pursue some type of education after high school to give her more options for the future. But she’s not quite sure how to make that happen.

Children of all ages crowded into the kitchen area of the Community Building at Garden Square Apartments, singing "Happy Birthday" as they strained for a view of the candles teacher Angie Sanders had just lit on some cupcakes. 

On a Sunday evening in October, Jeff Newton sits in the basement of Trinity United Methodist Church at a table occupied by children from the Garden Square neighborhood, catching up with them on the past week. He knows all of their stories and gives them all equal attention, talking about the…

On a sunny Friday evening in January, Kokomo Police Capt. Kevin Summers parks his patrol car by the community building at Garden Square and greets one of four teenagers gathered on a bench there by name.

One of the first things many Garden Square residents mention about living in the apartments is the bed bugs and cockroach infestations. 

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