Haynes Apperson

SUCCESS: Bob Crites clears 11 feet in the Max Richey Street Vault competition during the Haynes Apperson Festival on Saturday. He won the male masters division.

Former Indiana University athlete Drew Volz posted the top height in the Max Richey Street Vault competition Saturday at the Haynes Apperson Sports Festival, clearing 18 feet to win the male elite division. Volz, who was a two-time IHSAA champ while at Bloomington South, bowed out when he attempted to clear 18 feet, 7 inches.

Also in the male elite division, Colton Crum took second and Matthew Leaders third after both cleared 15-6.

The Street Vault competition crowned winners in seven divisions.

Sandra Brown cleared 12 feet to win the female elite division. Josephine Gery was second at 10-6 and Taylor Pierce and Lydia Raderstorf tied for third at 10-0.

Cody Johnson won the male grade school division with an effort of 10-6. Adrienne Salemme won the high school female division with a height of 11-0. Joshua Thompson won the high school male division at 12-6.

Bob Crites won the male masters division at 11-0. Gary Hunter and Gerry Conway took second and third respectively, each at the same height as Crites, 11-0. Karen Rieger won the female masters division at 6-6.


Joshua Everetts was the fastest male in the 5 kilometer race while Taryn Thor was the fastest female. Full results of the 5K were not yet available Saturday night.


The Carpetbaggers team of Mark Miller and Matt O'Donnell won the tournament, and the Two Guys, which consisted of Don Simms and David Taffe, took second.


One More Gym had 18 first places in the power lift competition.

In the female division, Rachel Wright (120 pounds weight class) led off with winning the dead lift (210) and bench (105). Kate Mills (160 weight class) was tops in the deadlift (205), squat (175) and bench (95). Emily Myers (200 weight class) took first in the deadlift (325), squat (265) and bench (145).

In the male division, AJ Kelly (175 weight class) was tops in the deadlift (405) and squat (275) and Caleb Murdock (175 weight class) won the bench (255). Brent Wright (200 weight class) came in first in the squat (350) and bench (305), and Alex Hults (200 weight class) won the deadlift (485). Carmyne Fanning (225 weight class) took first in the deadlift (570) and squat (495). Kieghan Callis (225 weight class) was took first in the bench (325).


Becky Eagle and Megan Hiss of Perfect Strangers took first in the scaled women event. Brittany Watkins and Tyler Stafford were first in the scaled coed, and Kody Daniels and Kristen Lopez of BSC team No. 2 won the RX coed.


Michelle Kirby-Sandoe (black belt women's division) was a triple winner. Kirby won in the kata, weapons and kenjutsu. Eric Binder (14-17 advanced boys division) and Garry Bragg Jr. (novice men's division) were double winners. Binder took first in the kata and weapons. Bragg was tops in the kenjutsu and kata.

Brayden Booker (9-10 novice boys division) came in first in kata. Payden Bragg (11-13 novice boys division) took first in the kata, and Patrick Kirby (black belt men's division) was tops in kata.


Temporary Tattoos, which consisted of Jason Watson, Pete Laubenstein, Keana Walton and Adria Hartley won the championship by defeating Ryan's Rejects 14-21, 21-12, 15-13.

Both Temporary Tattoos and Ryan's Rejects (Sean Ryan, Kirsten Frey, Amanda Seaman and Chris Feltis) were undefeated in pool play before facing each other in the championship match.

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